Sold Paintings

Oil painting by Richard Whiteley

I have created a separate page for sold paintings so that the galleries have only available paintings. Of course if there are any paintings on this page which catch your eye, I can paint them again for you. They will not be reproductions , but will be new originals painted again, not exactly the same, and conveying the same mood and scenes.

falls6-s.jpg (15370 bytes)

Great Falls Summer
Acrylic 24x18,   sold

blueridge4-s.JPG (24595 bytes)

Blue Ridge Creek
Oil 16x20   sold

rockreflections2-s.JPG (17761 bytes)

Reflections 2
Acrylic 8x12,   sold 

huntingcreek-s.JPG (11414 bytes)

Hunting Creek
Acrylic 5x7,   sold

potomacdawn2-s.JPG (11999 bytes)

Potomac Dawn
Acrylic 8x12,   [sold]

potomacpathway-s.JPG (7866 bytes)

Potomac Pathway
Oil 12x9,   Sold

bellehaven view-s.jpg (17464 bytes)

Bellehaven View
Acrylicl 18x24,   Sold



fallsinspring-s.JPG (12357 bytes)

Great Falls Spring
Oil 16x20,   sold

alexsailboat-s.JPG (11008 bytes)

Dory on the River
Oil 12x9,   sold

boathouse2-s.JPG (11262 bytes)

Acrylic 8x12,   sold

Peacefullriver-s.JPG (14797 bytes)

Peaceful River
Oil 12x16,   Sold

parkwayview-s.JPG (13830 bytes)

Parkway View
Acrylic 18x24,   sold

Potomac Winter Sunrise
Acrylic 5x7,   sold

greenspringpond-s.JPG (14244 bytes)

Greenspring Pond
Acrylic 9x12,   sold


stillwater-s.JPG (9588 bytes)

Great Falls Still Waters
Acrylic 24x18,   sold

bridgework-s.JPG (11169 bytes)

Dawn Bridgeworks
Acrylic 8x12,   sold

Potomac Green-s.JPG (12388 bytes)

Rock Reflections
Acrylic 8x12,   sold

riverreflections-s.JPG (21885 bytes)

River Reflections
Acrylic 12x9,   Sold

potomacmist2-s.JPG (3372 bytes)

Potomac Mist 2
Acrylic 8x16,   sold
colonialpark-s.JPG (10466 bytes)

 Colonial Cottage
Oil 7x12,   sold

blossom-s.JPG (9510 bytes)

Blossom in Founders Park
Oil 9x12,   sold

greenspring3-s.JPG (51647 bytes)Greenspring Creek
Oil 11x14,   [sold]


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