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Since I live in Alexandria Virginia many of my Oil and Acrylic paintings are done in Northern Virginia. There are scenes from Alexandria waterfront, Green Spring Park, River Farm Park, Huntley Meadows state park, Colonial Park in Maryland, Founders Park and Oronoco Parks  in Alexandria. There are also Views of Rock Creek in Washington DC, which while not strictly VA, are within my loosely defined orbit of Northern VA.

Rock Creek Park is a favorite of mine. Its right in the middle of the city , but you would never know it. The Creek flows through a narrow valley with steep and wooded sides. The sun peeks down through the treetops providing an interesting dappled light. There are also smaller creeks feeding Rock Creek, which I have painted as shown below.

I have also painted scenes from near Charlottesville VA, which I have included here, and also scenes from Old Town Alexandria, which is very picturesque and demands to be painted.


cathedralpool-s.JPG (14441 bytes)
Cathedral Pool
Acrylic 18x24,  

River Farm Snow
Oil 16x20,  

 haybales2-s.JPG (15435 bytes)
Haybales 1
Acrylic 9x12,  

 huntley1-s.JPG (11603 bytes)
Huntley Marsh
Oil 9x12,   $315



riverfarm9-s.JPG (7954 bytes)

River View 3
Oil 8x16,  $350




Acrylic 8x12,   sold

riverfarm3-s.JPG (13724 bytes)

River Farm-River view
Oil 12x9 

  rockcreekspring-s.jpg (89624 bytes)
Rock Creek Spring
Acrylic 24x30,  


River View 3
Oil 8x16,  

 hilltopbarn-s.JPG (16939 bytes)
Hilltop Barn
Acrylic 12x16,  



haybales3-s.JPG (4699 bytes)
Haybales 2
Acrylic 9x12,   ]

huntley2-s.JPG (9905 bytes)
Huntley Marsh 2
Oil 12x16,  


River View 4
Oil 6x16   sold

sleepingsails-s.JPG (6886 bytes)
Sleeping Sails
Oil 12x9,  

sycamore-s.JPG (9152 bytes)
Acrylic 24x18,  


hillsides2-s.JPG (16031 bytes)
Hillsides 2
Acrylic 16x20,  

greenspring fall2-s.jpg (46673 bytes)

Green Spring Fall
Oil 10x8  

riverfarm12-s.jpg (47344 bytes)

River Farm 12
Oil 10x14  


 riverfarm13-s.jpg (58632 bytes)

River Farm 13
Oil 10x14  

 greenspringfall1-s.jpg (44113 bytes)

Green Spring Fall 2
Oil 10x8  


Huntley Meadows
Acrylic 12x16,

Rock Creek Fall
Oil 9x12

  riverfarm5-s.JPG (11168 bytes)
River View
Oil 9x12,   sold

hilltopbarn2-s.JPG (18380 bytes)
Hilltop Barn 2
Acrylic 8x12,   $293

River Farm Winter 2


Waterford Farm



Rock Creek Bridge
Oil 12x16,

riverfarmsnow2-s.JPG (56396 bytes)

River Farm Winter

Rock Creek Bridge
Oil 12x16  



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