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Here are oil and acrylic paintings of the Potomac River.  Living in Alexandria VA, close to the River, it is one of my passions to paint. From my view the Sun rises over the river and always is a magic display, urging me to record the scene. Sometimes I am there to paint it , sometimes I can photo it and paint it later, other times I rely on memory and paint from imagination. Often these come out best. [ Dawn Bridgeworks and Potomac Dawn were examples of these].

Many of the scenes are looking out over the River from Alexandria, at Founders Park and Oronoco Park. Others are pictures of the marina at Bellehaven Park, and the surrounding marshes known as Dykes Marsh.

I have traveled the length of the Potomac ending up at the source of the North Branch. This is in West Virginia at a place called Fairfax Stone Mountain. There you will find a small state park, and a large rock with a plaque. The plaque states that this is the source of the Potomac, and from under the rock spurts a small spring of water, which streams down the valley to become the North Branch. Later it is joined by the South Branch which flows North parallel to the Shenandoah River, which itself joins the Potomac at Harpers Ferry. Look at Potomac Source at the bottom of this page.


huntingcreek2-s.JPG (13559 bytes)

Hunting Creek Bridge
Acrylic 8x12,  

acrosstheriver-s.JPG (7723 bytes)
Across the River
Oil 12x16,  

potomacmarsh1-s.JPG (9376 bytes)

Potomac Marsh 2
Acrylic 16x20,  

fletchers-s.JPG (9505 bytes)
Fletchers Marina
Oil 12x16,  

marina sunset cloud-s.JPG (10132 bytes)
Marina Sunset Cloud
Acrylic 18x24,  

Dangerfield Marina




Potomac Winter Sunrise
Acrylic 18x24

boathouse1-s.JPG (8147 bytes)

Acrylic 16x20,  

marina1-s.JPG (15592 bytes)

Bellhaven Marina
Oil 9x12,  

potomacmarsh2-s.JPG (16210 bytes)

Potomac Marsh 1
Acrylic 20x16,  

potomacnorthbranch-s.JPG (20413 bytes)

Potomac North Branch 1
Acrylic 5x8,  


Great Falls
Acrylic 18x24


marina2-s.JPG (16514 bytes)
Marina Dawn
Oil 12x11,  

potomacwillow-s.JPG (13579 bytes)

Potomac Willows
Acrylic 18x24,  

Potomac Source 4
Acrylic 8x10

Fletchers Fall

thecherryblossom2-s.JPG (12209 bytes)

The Cherry Blossom
Acrylic 30x20 

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