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These are acrylic and oil paintings done various places in Europe.  Some are from Spain , in particular scenes from Monserrat, which is a jagged mountain ridge emerging from the flat land about 90 mile west of Barcelona. At the top of the mountain, reachable via winding road by car, is the monastery, [pictured below]. There you will find a treasure trove of history, but most astonishing a wonderful collection of Spanish impressionist painters.

Other scenes are from England with pictures done of my sisters' houses, and of course donated to them, also of a seaside town Aldeburgh. Finally a picture inspired by the Tuscany region of Italy, and a scene of Constables house in Suffolk county England.


 Irishlake-s.JPG (7901 bytes)

Irish Lake
Acrylic 8x10,  


monserrat-s.JPG (8658 bytes)

Montserrat Mountains
Acrylic 24x18,  

pyrannees-s.JPG (17817 bytes)


Pyrannees Stream
Acrylic 24x18,  

Aldburgh Beach
Suffolk England
Acrylic 15x30






libbygarden-s.JPG (15555 bytes)

Libby's Garden
Acrylic 12x16,   


provence-s.JPG (55629 bytes)

Acrylic 40x30,  


suffolkfarm-s.JPG (10104 bytes)

Suffolk Farm
Acrylic 12x20,   

Aldburgh Town
Suffolk England
Acrylic 22x28



 monserrat2-s.JPG (14903 bytes)

Acrylic 24x18,  

pyrannees2-s.JPG (4552 bytes)

Pyrannees Farm   
Acrylic 18x24,  



tuscany-s.JPG (17433 bytes)

Acrylic 40x30,  

whitehall2.jpg (117401 bytes)

Whitehall Debenham

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